Pound For Pound Recycling Program

All Fiber & Scrap Recycling would like to extend the opportunity to promote our pound for
the opportunity to promote our Pound for Pound Recycling program. This program
enables schools, churches and other non profit organizations to raise money for projects while
raising awareness about recycling and the environmental impact our day to day living has on the Earth.

Getting started is so easy to do. Call a representative today at our office we will get all correct information to your group: Then your group needs to set a goal and date you wish to work towards. Parents, grandparents, and everyone can then start bringing paper in to be credited towards the specific account. When you are ready to cash out your account, please call us at least one day in advance so we may then get your check ready for pick up.

For every pound for material your organization brings in, All Fiber & Scrap Recycling will match it POUND FOR POUND!!!

Any and all paper products can be recycled as a part of the more common items associated
with schools are office and copy paper, old text books, magazines and junk mail, newspapers,
cardboard boxes, craft paper and notebook paper, if you have any questions regarding a specific material please feel free to call our offices at (731) 423-9362.

Save on your landfill fees!

Did you know...?
  • the average landfill last only 7 years.
  • Over 30% of commercial waste in Tennessee is paper products that should be recycled.
  • Recycling saves 17 trees for each ton of newspaper recycled.
  • Every ton of recycled office paper save 380 gallons of oil.
  • American's throw out about 85% of the Office paper we use.

A Win, Win Opportunity for the city of Jackson.

How much of your waste each week could be recycled?
Imagine how much money you could save by reducing the amount of waste your company
sends to the landfill each week by one third. 30% of the average waste receptacle is filled
with recyclable paper products. All Fiber & Scrap Recycling can eliminate this waste on a daily basis with our new commercial route.

How can your company get involved?
Interested in saving money while you help keep the city of Jackson beautiful?
Then simply call All Fiber & Scrap Recycling at (731) 423-9362, and ask to be put on the commercial paper route.

A Representative will stop by to help you decide which items you are currently throwing into the landfill qualify as recyclables. Once we have your business set up, our route truck will stop in and pick up any material left in the recyclable container. Recycling is that simple!

Call us today, (731) 423-9362, to speak with a member of our waste reduction team.


*Please call for more details*

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