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Recycling is an important step in the quest for sustainability; it is a wonderful start, but not a solution. Many in our industry have now taken important "first steps" in recycling by developing new products made primarily from recycled content and encouraging suppliers to increase recycled content in raw materials.

Having achieved many successes at this level, Rather than simply developing "greener" products, We committed to feeding many factories with recycled raw materials, harvested from tons of plastics, paper and metals.

we can "close the loop", and use precious materials over and over in a cyclical fashion, rather than sending them to landfills or down cycling them into lower-value forms. Linear practices from the Industrial Revolution must be replaced by cyclical ones, more similar to natural processes. In nature, there is no waste; one organism's waste is another's food.

For our industrial process, so dependent on petrochemical, man-made raw materials, this means technical "food" reincarnated by recycling into the product's next life cycle. This is called Closed Loop Recycling.


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